Melissa Gibbons on Live at Five

In this Live at Five House Call Melissa talks about how some children have problems learning one of the oldest forms of communication, handwriting. Watch the video here!

Does Your Child Struggle With Self Care Skills?

We can help your child with activities like learning to tie shoes, getting clothes on and off, feeding themselves, brushing their teeth and using the bathroom.

Doing these activities independently are important milestones in a child’s life.                                                                                      Learn More

Does Your Child Struggle With Fine Motor Skills?

We can help.

Fine motor skills involve the small muscles of the upper body that create functions like writing, using scissors, manipulating small objects and performing personal care tasks.

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Does Your Child Have Messy Or Slow Handwriting?

Children with handwriting difficulties may demonstrate poor pencil grasp, incorrectly formed letters, reversal of letters and numbers. We can help your child to print clearly and help with handwriting speed.

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Does Your Child Struggle With Hand-Eye Coordination?

We can help your child to improve their ability to organize their visual skills with their motor skills for tasks like puzzles, using scissors, handwriting, etc

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Treatment sessions can take place at home, school or a community setting. The number of sessions will be determined based on the initial assessment and the family’s / child’s goals.

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Children with handwriting difficulties may demonstrate:

  • poor pencil grasp
  • incorrectly formed letters
  • ...
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Many private health insurance plans cover occupational therapy, however our services are not covered by MSI. Contact your insurance company to see if it offers occupational therapy as an extended health care benefit. Some plans may require a referral from a physician for reimbursement payment, however we do not require a referral before we start therapy.

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To provide accessible, evidence based occupational therapy resources and services to children in Nova Scotia.